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I am horribly saddened by this news: Donald Levine has passed. Don was a very kind and extremely smart person, personifying the best of what the word ‘gentlemen scholar’ could mean. We met the first time at Philadelphia airport, as I was coming in to interview a number of former students of Talcott Parsons. When Don and I got in touch, and I asked if we could have a conversation, we came to understand that he’d be leaving Philly a day before I arrived. Don – without knowing me personally yet – just went ahead and on his own accord delayed his flight for a day so we could at least have lunch at the airport. That was Don for you. We shared a few conversations over the past 8 years, via phone, skype, and at conferences. I was looking forward to our next talk at ASA in Chicago about aikido, decoloniality and Northern Africa, and the role that sociology and Liberal Arts can play in this world. I am sad that now it will never happen. It feels like we all lost a great friend. While I have never exercised aikido myself, I felt like Don was as much a sensei to me as he was to all his students, both in sociology and aikido. As Morihei Ueshiba has said, and as I think Don lived and breathed: The art of peace begins with you.



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