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Since I have been busy with a major research grant application, several papers due, and developing two seminars for the winter semester, I haven’t yet finished a lot of posts, I been working on. For those readers of this academic blog, who were looking forward to new food for thought, let me say: it is coming up soon. Finally, this new stuff will include a more comprehensive account of the concept of the phantasm. “Hold the line” for “more shapes and forms against the norm”. (Trivia: Identify both bands the two quotes are from.)

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Recently, I have been thinking about ways of breaking down the problem of creating research with/without the hypothesis method and the order of fit problem (and the whole positivism conflict, the Erklaeren/Verstehen Controversy, etc.).
The notion i came up with is this:
You can do research in three basic modes. a) Beginning with a question, b) beginning with an answer looking for a question, or c) beginning with a possible answer for a question you are testing. The latter is largely use of the hypothesis method. The problem starts when you treat c) like b) and make the problem fit the answer and stop asking questions.

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