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Alex’s life is a natural phenomenon, he muses, as it has become actively procrastinated by the universe. His discovery that Kant’s whole philosophical work must be read as an experiment in dietetic, which marks Kant as the first explicit psychosomatic clincian (even if he only was a caregiver for his own self and no others), has led Alex to believe that care for his self must be executed by purity of mind and pleasure for the body, in order to overcome the universe’s spatio-temporal fold that is the event of the procrastiantion of the life of Alex. this insight is a Preface to the Transgression of the Fold, and the actual transgression will follow from this attitude in gesture. In short: Life goes on.

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Many a reason, many an acquaintance has cited, that I might start a blog. Well, Well, here it is. I promise that, indeed, I shall even use it frequently.

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